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Lets face it… not everyone is a fitness expert. As with any other task or skill, practice makes perfect. But when it comes to working out all those different areas of your body the science behind it all can get pretty confusing. Often people work out and don’t feel or see results, even with patience and enduring determination. It can be discouraging…we know because we have been there before. Fitness gurus and workout fanatics had to learn just like everyone else that working out has a lot more to it than just showing up and lifting some weights. If you aren’t doing your exercises properly, even if you do it a hundred times, it is almost worthless. Each targeted area has specific workouts that have to be executed properly to see results, feel those results, and avoid hurting yourself in the process. Nourishing your body properly for workouts, offering targeted areas rest at the right time, and learning how to use the equipment (along with everything else) can start to feel more like an advanced astrophysics course than something understandable that you can look forward too.
I love going there. It's a great place to get a good workout and it's a very friendly environment. The owner & staff there makes you feel comfortable, at ease and welcomed. I would HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone who wants to exercise/train
— Amatullah M