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Is the Gym really free ?

Yes you can not join Vyne Fitness we believe it is way more than just joining a gym and paying a membership fee every month at Vyne Fitness just a make a commitment to improve your lifestyle and you gain free access to the gym its that Simple.   

What Kind of equipment do you have ?

We have all the same equipment as other gyms just without all fees 

Is there a Contract ?

Absolutely NOT.... 

Is there a monthly membership fee?

Answer. No, there is no strict monthly membership fee or contract for Vyne Fitness. In order to use the gym, you simply purchase a product. A purchase of one of our nutritional products of $44.95 or more will grant you 30 day unlimited access to our gym with no extra hidden fees. A purchase of a product with a value of $29.95 will grant you 14 days access to our gym A purchase of a product with a value of $19.95 will grant you 7 days access to our gym. Lastly, for those that like to go to the gym less frequently, we offer a one visit pass with every purchase of a smoothie provided by our in-store smoothie bar. With the purchase of a smoothie, you will be allowed to access our gym for one visit. If you would like to come in and purchase without working out for the day, then you will receive a green token that you will bring back the next time you come and you won't have to pay a thing.

Do you have to pay extra for the classes?

No, all classes monthly clients can attend any classes with no extra hidden fees.

What is TruVyne University?

Please see the educational tab above and click TruVyne University.

Do you offer nutritional classes?

Please see the educational tab above and click nutrition classes.

How do I purchase TruVyne nutrition products?

You can purchase our products on our website vynefitness.com or in our gym located in Nashville, North Carolina at 111 West Nashville Drive, Nashville, NC 27856.

What type of products do you have to offer?

We offer meal replacements, multi-vitamins, whey protein, plant protein, and over 30 different supplements.

How do I receive a personal trainer?

Monthly clients receive up to three sessions included or you can purchase a 30 minute session for $25.

What classes do you have to offer and at what times?

Please see schedule tab above.

What are the hours?

Vyne Fitness can be accessed 24 hours a day to our monthly clients Staffed hours are Monday-Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 8am-1pm.

Is there an app I can use on my phone?

Yes, there is a free app you can download at the app store or google play under Vyne Fitness. The app enables you to set challenges for yourself, plan your workout, track your workout, schedule with a personal trainer, and receive special deals.

What is the FAN concept?

F-A-N – Fitness, Accountability, Nutrition. Yes, nutrition is key. However, nutrition alone is not enough to make a lasting change because it does not alone fulfill other health needs. People need accountability and they need the fitness component of working out as well. All three work together to create a “whole body health.”